Will the Relationship With My Mother Ever Get Better?

Question by nena314: Will the relationship with my mother ever get better?
I am almost 18 years old and I live alone with my mom. My dad died when I was 10 and I have no siblings. I know this sounds very typical of someone my age, but I cannot stand her. You see, when I was a kid my mom had drug problems so my dad had custody of me, and then when he died I had to live with her. After his death, her drug use just got worse, she didnt have a job, if she wasn’t cooking meth then she was sleeping. Thus, I became a very independent child, I walked to school, walked to the laudromat, cooked for myself, etc.
After 2 years, when I was 12, her brothers and sisters realized how bad it was and had an “intervention” type thing. They moved us out of the house we were living in, and we moved into my grandma’s. There she continued to sleep and make everyone wait on her for a month, until my grandma forced her to get a job. Eventually, she got a job at a grocery store, and saved up enough money to get our own place. Now she has a stable job and is mostly clean of drugs, but she still depends on me to do a lot for her. She wants me to drive her everywhere, I still cook most of the meals, I clean up after her, etc. Sometimes she gets MAD at me when I clean up, because it makes her feel lazy I guess. But I’m a very organized person.Also, when she gets mad, she hits me or throws random things(remote, shoes, lysol can) and when shes really mad she goes into my room and knocks everything off my dresser..Last month I was in my room with the door locked and I didn’t want to let her in so she kicked the door down..I’m proud of her for what she’s accomplished, but I still carry a lot of resentment.
Anyways, I guess my question is:
-Do you understand why I resent her so much?
-Do you think our relationship will ever get better?

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Answer by Ravenholme
She’s a moron. At least you can move out now.

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