Drug Rehabilitation Methods: The Philosophies of Alternative Drug Rehabilitation

Looking for a drug rehabilitation program for yourself or a family member? As you begin your search for affordable facilities close to home, it becomes apparent that there is a wide choice of drug rehab programs. Finding a facility quickly is important but finding an effective drug rehab facility is also important so how do you choose?

There is no one type of treatment that’s best for everyone. Treatment options should be weighed taking into account an individual’s addiction, the severity of their addiction, and whether the individual would be more comfortable in a traditional treatment facility employing the 12 step program or whether they would be better off in an alternative drug rehabilitation program. To determine whether or not the facility you are considering employs the traditional 12 step approach or they practice an alternative drug rehabilitation method; look for their philosophy or treatment approach on their website or call and ask what type of treatment approach they practice.

The majority of drug treatment facilities employ the traditional 12 step recovery approach pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The 12 step recovery program is based on the belief in a higher power, a belief which some people share, but not everyone. The 12 step program also stresses that drug addiction can never be fully cured, just kept in control. This does not sit well with people who want to break free from their addiction to drugs permanently. There is nothing wrong with the 12 step approach; the simple fact is that it does not work for everyone.

Alternative drug rehabilitation centers are popping up all over as new methods to treat addition are constantly being developed. The fact is that most drug addiction treatment does not work. The success rate is highly debatable as those who have had treatment must have their privacy insured, but most experts agree only about 20% of the people who have completed a treatment program remain drug free for at least a year. It doesn’t matter whether a person completes a traditional or an alternative drug rehabilitation program, the fact is that little work. This is possibly because many people cannot afford the long term drug rehab treatment they need or they are simply entering programs which do not meet their needs.

Alternative drug rehabilitation programs come in many forms. The term is used to describe any program which is not based on the traditional 12 step approach but alternative rehabilitation programs vary greatly. They are often referred to as “non 12 step programs”. One option which is becoming popular is alternative drug rehabilitation programs based on a holistic approach. These programs are often based in spirituality but are in no way considered religious. Holistic treatment programs typically employ sauna treatments, meditation, massages, and any methods associated with a more natural approach to treatment.

There are also alternative drug rehabilitation programs which are Christian based, boot camp style programs, equine-assisted rehab programs, luxury rehabilitation facilities, and more. The best way to determine what will work best for you or a loved one is to choose a long term drug rehab facility that provides therapeutic options that you are comfortable with. Any person who disagrees with the basic philosophy of a program designed to treat their addictions will resist treatment and there is little likelihood of recovery, let alone determining the cause of the addiction. People tend to only open up to others which they trust and feel a bond with. A person who is ill-matched with a treatment program, whether it is a 12 step or alternative drug rehabilitation program, is not likely to fully participate in their treatment.

The bottom line is a patient should have options and choices about their rehabilitation program


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