Drug Rehabilitation Statistics: Drug Rehabilitation Statistics in America

Drug abuse has been one of the most serious public health problems in the country ever since it came about.  Each year, approximately 40 million individuals suffer from a serious disease caused by addiction, and this number continues to grow as the years pass.  Drug addiction is also a major contributor to the rise in crime rate and in cases of violence, child abuse, homelessness, unplanned pregnancies, and broken families and relationships.  Seasons Recovery Center aims to reduce, if not completely eliminate the cases of addiction in the country in the long run by providing the best drug rehabilitation programs available to those who most need them.

Quite alarmingly, government statistics show that around 8.3% of all Americans age 12 and above are involved in some way to the use of illicit drugs or to the nonmedical use of prescription medication.  According to the 2006 survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), which conducts interviews of 67,500 random individuals every year, the use of illegal drugs has remained stable since 2002.  There is a decline in the use of illegal drugs, but there is an increase in the abuse of prescription medication and psychotherapeutic drugs, which should be cause for alarm.  The survey also lists the most common drugs of abuse:

Marijuana (14.8 million users)
Cocaine (2.4 million users)
Ecstasy and other hallucinogens (1 million users)
Methamphetamines (731,000 users)
Painkillers and other prescription medication (7 million abusers)

The high percentage of marijuana users stems from the mistaken belief that marijuana is a harmless drug.  It may be less harmful than most other drugs in the list, but the risks of its use and the tendency to addiction is ever present.  In contrast, those who use prescription medication excessively or beyond their recommended usage usually start out using the drugs medicinally and only become dependent to them due to mismanagement and improper dosage.  Seasons Recovery Center commits and dedicates its efforts to helping addicts fight the battle against addiction and helping them keep sober for good by contributing to advances in the field of and the gradual decrease in drug abuse rates in the years to come.

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