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Judge Ask Churches, Community to Get Involved in Fighting Drug Epidemic

Judge ask churches, community to get involved in fighting drug epidemic
“Illegal substance abuse in the biggest problem facing our communities in Boone County,” said 25th Judicial District Circuit Judge William Thompson. “At least 80 to 85 percent of all crime in Boone County can be directly or indirectly linked to drug …
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Reps. question need for 00-a-pill treatment
By David C.L. Bauer Jacksonville Journal-Courier. JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — A Jacksonville lawmaker is working to keep state officials from spending millions on a new drug for hepatitis C-infected prisoners that is significantly more costly than existing …
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Rouhani Is No "Moderate" When it Comes to Human Rights
Yet, the alarming rate of executions has actually increased under Rouhani, with more than 600 executions having been carried out since his ascension to the Presidency in August 2013 — with 20 executions during the week of his November "charm offensive …
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My Sister Is Addicted to Crack. She Keeps Getting Disgusting Infections. How to Help Her?

Question by Chanele G: My sister is addicted to crack. She keeps getting disgusting infections. How to help her?
She gets these big huge bubbles filled with pus and blood clots from the needles. Can’t you catch hepatitis C and AIDS? I know she can but I guess I’m in denial. I wish she would stop. But she wont listen. And wont go to rehab. I’m lost. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? What am I to do?

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Answer by Coalie
Intervention. Drag her to recovery which is what you’ll have to do. You can’t just ask addicts what they want to do.

Answer by nikki p
Sorry to hear that. She has to want to help herself first though

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Dan Le Batard: It's Difficult for Us to Understand Yasiel Puig's Lack of

Dan Le Batard: It's difficult for us to understand Yasiel Puig's lack of
Going from having nothing, not even freedom, to rich with literally more freedom than you'll find anywhere else in the world? Lottery winners go broke at a disproportionate rate. … He was suddenly on every TV and being hired to do voice work by major …

Gilead Announces Results From Phase 3 Study of Sofosbuvir Among Hepatitis C
SVR12 rates among treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced patients were 98 percent (n=88/90) and 95 percent (n=60/63) respectively. Of the 153 patients who received treatment 11 … Post-treatment relapse accounted for five virologic failures. There …
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Health Plans Expected to Expand ACA Exchange Offerings in 2015

Health Plans Expected To Expand ACA Exchange Offerings in 2015
According to the Times, UHG attributed the loss in part to the ACA and in part to a new hepatitis C drug that costs $ 1,000 per pill. … exchange's first open enrollment period and an additional 1.9 million state residents signed up for Medicaid …
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Study: Half of jailed NYC youths have brain injury
… have been jolted by trauma are linked to higher rates of breaking jailhouse rules, substance abuse and greater difficulty re-entering society after detention, said John D. Corrigan, a professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and …
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Health Notes
Bridgeport Hospital's Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute and Yale Cancer Center provide genetic counseling services by appointment, including Wednesday, May 14, 5520 Park Avenue, Trumbull. … and after treatment in addition with dietary tips and …
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A Year After Explosion, West Is on the Mend

A year after explosion, West is on the mend
After a methodical if slow start, West's nonprofit Long-Term Recovery Center has disbursed $ 1.6 million and will have exhausted its remaining $ 2 million by June or July. Then it will try to raise an additional $ 500,000 for more building materials, said …
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Texas scientist may have key in cancer war
There'd been an extraordinary run of cancer deaths in his family, including his 45-year-old mom, which convinced him there had to be better treatment than radiation and chemotherapy. And there had been that wild, … Whatever the source of his genius …

Kristina Olvera Says She is a Woman. The Prison System Says He is a Man.
That landlord, the Oregon Department of Corrections, recognizes her only as a man—Jose Antonio Olvera, 26, a heroin addict and career petty criminal who was sentenced to 28 months in prison after stealing nine pairs of jeans from Diesel in the Pearl …
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Researchers Claim to Have Found a Cure for Hepatitis C

Researchers Claim to Have Found a Cure for Hepatitis C
… a new experimental drug has cured 95 percent of people who suffer from hepatitis C (HCV). Researchers from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and the Texas Liver Institute were involved in the …
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NBA's big three miss playoffs in same year for first time
The NBA suspended guard J.R. Smith for the first five games of the season for violating the league's anti-drug policy and days before training camp open, the team reassigned general manager Glen Grunwald and replaced him with Steve Mills. And it just …
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