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Over 60 Per Cent of Female Inmates on Psychiatric Drugs; Watchdog Launches

Over 60 Per Cent Of Female Inmates On Psychiatric Drugs; Watchdog Launches
They claim that quetiapine — an antipsychotic drug strictly recommended for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder — is being prescribed to female prisoners as a sleeping aid. … And they were very powerful and very effective," she said.
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Aldea to take over Wolfe Center
The Wolfe Center, located on First Street near California Boulevard, serves approximately 2,000 youth and their families annually through drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment programs. … “That's what made it effective.” With support from …
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We Deserve to Know More About Prescription Drugs
We published a new study this week in the journal PLoS One that examines how well Health Canada informs the public about the effectiveness and safety of new drugs and why they were approved. The results are not comforting. Normally, when a drug … The …
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Kentucky Addicted Babies Increasing Despite Pain-Pill Crackdown

Kentucky addicted babies increasing despite pain-pill crackdown
Now, Williams is six months pregnant with her fourth child, living in a drug-treatment center since mid-January — trying to make a change that keeps the new baby from paying for her mother's mistakes the way Trinity did. Trinity is part of a …
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Why Prison Won't Fix KY's Heroin Epidemic
After being on the decline for years, heroin has become the it drug again in Kentucky. The problem? Prescription …. DylanCapperelli March 19, 2014 17:48 Rehabilitation centers need to rise, and prison cells need to fall. gaydood March 19, 2014 17:48 …
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Guest Opinion: Support for Early Learning Would Benefit Fall River's Children

Guest Opinion: Support for early learning would benefit Fall River's children
One simple step can make hundreds of students in Fall River better readers, give them a far greater chance of graduating high school, and improve the likelihood that they are successful in school and their careers. email · print. By Jason Williams …
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Abandoned Alberta: Ghost Towns That Didn't Make It
Head down any secondary highway in southern Alberta and chances are you'll run into a ghost town. While the province is best known today for it's booming energy industry, there was a time when much of western Canada relied on Alberta coal, not crude.
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Drug Abuse Linked to Uptick in Children Removed From Homes – Zanesville Times Recorder

Drug abuse linked to uptick in children removed from homes – Zanesville Times Recorder

Drug abuse linked to uptick in children removed from homes
Zanesville Times Recorder
Special education programs are going to be going through the roof according to the people I've spoken with who do youth drug treatment.” Last year, 167 Perry County children were removed from their homes; a 100 percent increase from a decade ago, said …

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Abandoned Alberta: Ghost Towns That Didn’t Make It – Huffington Post Canada

Abandoned Alberta: Ghost Towns That Didn't Make It
Huffington Post Canada
According to the 2011 Statistics Canada census, Cadomin had a population of 36 living in 22 of its 96 total dwellings. Its place along the foothills of the …. who later fled to nearby counties. There are rumours that the village proved to be a hiding

If Politicians Really Want to Save Money, These Initiatives Actually

If Politicians Really Want To Save Money, These Initiatives Actually
In terms of both cost and overall results, numerous studies have shown treatment and harm reduction to be highly effective tools in addressing drug use. As the Drug Policy Alliance points out, a study by the nonprofit RAND Corporation "found that every …
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Today In History – 5th of April
He went into a coma and nearly died after mixing champagne and the drug Rohypnol. The public was led to believe that the coma was induced by an accidental heroin overdose, since Cobain had a well-known problem with the drug. Back at home in Seattle, …
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Dr. Nadya: With orphan cancers, choices are few
Low levels of funding limit life-saving research and drug development in orphan cancers like sarcoma. Consequently, the prognosis for survival when faced with a rare cancer is much less favorable and it can be difficult for physicians to set the stage …
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No Simple Relationship Between Drug Use and Risky Sex in London Gay Men

No simple relationship between drug use and risky sex in London gay men
Gay men involved in 'chemsex' (taking recreational drugs such as mephedrone, GHB/GBL and crystal methamphetamine during sex) have a range of experiences, with no single narrative able to sum up the impact of drug use on sexual behaviour and possible …
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New Medical Marijuana Rules Prompt Fears Of Arrest
Among other things, the new rules require marijuana users to get their supply of the drug from commercial growers and prohibits them from growing their own, or growing it on behalf of other licensed users. The regulations also impose limits on the …
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Brewers beat Braves 2-0 in Braun's 1st game back
First day back on the job after a drug suspension was already a day to remember for the Brewers slugger. Then he … NOTES: A trio of Wisconsin-born Olympians from the 2014 Winter Games in Russia threw out the ceremonial first pitches: Brianna Decker …
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