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The Prison Door Keeps Revolving

The prison door keeps revolving
Five years after regaining their freedom, 29 percent of the prisoners had been arrested for a violent offense, 38 percent for a property crime, 39 percent for a drug offense, and 58 percent for public-order offenses. … Such recidivism rates are …
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Prohibitionist Makes The Case For Marijuana Legalization
But I can tell you what the statistics are for most of the drug rehabs in the United States as of 2011. When it comes to those placed in rehab for marijuana alone, over half (53%) of the admissions are forced by the criminal justice system and another …
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Opinion: Drug Treatment in NJ Breaks the Cycle of Crime, Prison Time

Opinion: Drug treatment in NJ breaks the cycle of crime, prison time
Workshop participants agreed on the need for follow-up drug treatment of jail prisoners. In yet another article, a Massachusetts sheriff describes his county's dramatic success in reducing recidivism rates by linking prisoners to mental health services …

A Top Hospital Opens Up to Chinese Herbs as Medicines
Patients must be referred by a doctor and will be monitored to ensure that there are no drug-herbal interactions or other complications. The herbal clinic is … Custom-blends are made by Crane Herb Co., based in Massachusetts and California. At the …
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Central Mass. lawmakers push for local projects in state budget
… $ 5 million for purchase and renovations for a mental health and drug and alcohol rehab center for the Quabbin and North Central Massachusetts region; $ 200,000 for improvements to the Templeton Senior Center; and $ 100,000 for the Athol Senior Center.
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Former Offenders Graduate Will County Drug Court – SouthtownStar

Former offenders graduate Will County drug court – SouthtownStar

Former offenders graduate Will County drug court
The judge said statistics show that offering drug abusers treatment and counseling helps to reduce recidivism rates. “The mission is to break the cycle of addiction,” Policandriotes said. She said addicts will do whatever it takes, such as stealing, to

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Oman rehab to open as addicts increase – Times of Oman

Times of Oman

Oman rehab to open as addicts increase
Times of Oman
Asked why Sohar was chosen as the place to build the rehabilitation centre, he said that statistics show that the majority of people suffering from drug addiction are in Al Batinah, especially North Al Batinah. "Besides, the founding companies of

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‘He’s gone forever’: A Somerville family looks back on years of addiction – Wicked Local Westport

Slow the Revolving Door – Toledo Blade

Slow the revolving door – Toledo Blade

Slow the revolving door
Toledo Blade
As new statistics show record-low recidivism rates for Ohio inmates, the state continues to slow prison's revolving door. It has done so largely with community-based corrections programs and a strong can safely and cost-effectively manage its

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Heroin on the rise in South Mississippi –

Heroin on the rise in South Mississippi
Heroin has become such a problem in many areas of the nation U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has declared it "an urgent and growing public health crisis" and has urged emergency personnel to carry an anti-overdose drug. Narcotics officials

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Boot Camp Success Rate Never Justified Program

Boot camp success rate never justified program
A study by the University of Delaware's Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies in December and January found the Sussex camp, like many around the country, could not point to a documented lower rate of recidivism for its graduates than the rate of regular …
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Would prison performance measures lead to undesirable strategic behavior?
In reality, no one knows true recidivism rates; we don't know that a released inmate has committed a crime unless we catch him (and, depending on the recidivism measure we're using, unless we convict him or reincarcerate him). So in reality, rather …
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Column Discredits Mental Health System

Column discredits mental health system
The success of treatment is evident in the fact that recidivism rates for people treated in the forensic mental health care system stand between 7.5 and 10.4 per cent. In sharp contrast, recidivism … Do mentally ill people and criminals not have the …
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Can We Fix the Race Problem in America's School Discipline?
The federal guidance recommends a number of best practices to ensure that schools recognize, reduce and eliminate disproportionate treatment of students of color and students with disabilities, while fostering a safe and supportive educational environment.

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